Leslie Kay, PhD

Principal Investigator
Professor of Psychology
Institute for Mind and Biology
Psychology Graduate Training Programs: Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition
Graduate Committees on Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience
Computational Social Sciences



Rui He
Graduate Student (PhD), Psychology - Integrative Neuroscience


I am using behavioral studies to examine the effects of context associations and the route of olfactory information (i.e. orthonasal and retronasal) on olfactory learning. I am also using electrophysiological recordings in the olfactory system to explore the underlying neural representations of olfactory hedonics.

Yu Ji
Graduate Student (PhD), Psychology - Integrative Neuroscience


I'm interested in computational studies exploring 1) how the Olfactory Bulb network processes sensory information using sensory input and cortical feedback, and the behavioral significance of such processing; 2) how to connect single neuron computation with neural ensemble activities and representations such as neural oscillations and olfactory maps. I am also interested in cross-domain comparisons between olfaction and other sensory domains and the relationship betweenolfaction and language.

Boleslaw Osinski
Graduate Student (PhD), Biophysics


I have been working on understanding the mechanism of cortical transitions in oscillation type in the olfactory system using computational models, pharmacology, and high-density recording of olfactory bulb GABAergic interneurons during odor sampling.

Shane Peace, PhD


I am studying the mechanisms of neural oscillations and the role these synchronized ensembles play in sensory systems. In particular, I test how feedback from the piriform cortex during odor sampling modulates bulbar oscillations and the contribution of this oscillatory activity to odor perception. I use optogenetic techniques to perturb this system while recordings LFPs from freely moving animals during odor-cued behavioral tasks.

Andrew Sheriff
Graduate Student (PhD), Psychology - Integrative Neuroscience


I am interested in the role of coherent oscillations in spatial navigation and learning. Specifically, I am investigating changes in coherence between LFPs and respiratory activity in sensory systems and the hippocampus dependent on the most salient modality of spatial cues (e.g., olfactory, visual). A major goal of my research is to distinguish respiratory from theta oscillations which overlap in frequency in rodents (2-12 Hz) and further characterize their potentially distinct roles in spatial processing and cognition at large.

Wenxi Xiao
Masters Student, Computational Social Sciences


I am studying how activity in the piriform cortex controls excitability of olfactory bulb granule cells and their involvement in gating olfactory system beta oscillations.

Vivian Nguyen
Technician, Lab Manager


Nisarg Mehta
Technician (former lab manager, now grad student in Sociology)


Alex Kim
Undergraduate, Biological Sciences


Jacqueline Kloos
Undergraduate, Biological Sciences


Kendall Phillips
Undergraduate, First Year


Sam Zheng
Undergraduate, Mathematics



Claire Martin, PhD, Postdoc - Faculty member, Universite Paris Diderot, Group of Serge Luquet

Catherine Lowry Franssen, PhD in Neurobiology - Asst. Prof. in Psychology, Longwood University

Jennifer Beshel, PhD in Psychology - postdoc Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory / Stony Brook School of Medicine

Daniel Rojas-Libano, PhD in Neurobiology - Asst. Prof. in Psychology, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile

Donald Frederick, PhD in Psychology - Postdoc, Harvard University

Woodrow Gardiner, MA in Social Sciences

Matthew Markowicz, MA in Social Sciences

Former Undergraduates / Techs / etc.

(UChicago unless otherwise specified (SJC= St. John's College, Santa Fe / Annapolis)

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